Friday, October 5, 2012

Decorating for Halloween, Dollar Store Style: Part II

As previously mentioned, I kept decor cost down mostly because I utilized items that I already owned and simply added on to them with inexpensive decorations to create something *~stylish~*. You'll find that if you want to recreate some of my little creations, you should be able to do so relatively inexpensively if you know where to look.

Ok, so the first item on my search list: small to medium sized pumpkins. What's Halloween without pumpkins? I just didn't want to shell out $15 for one. I'd also planned to make my own little pumpkin tree so I knew I needed to get some mini pumpkins and finally found some at the 99 Cent Only store. Next, I needed stuffing for my apothecary jar. Surprisingly, I didn't find any orange shreds for stuffing so I just ended up getting an orange garland with black bats on it.
The rest of my purchased items were things I just happened to have come across. I picked up two silver sparkly pumpkins, black roses, and ribbon.
So what did my $10 budget get me?
1. Two mini pumpkin packages $2
2. A little crow $1
3. An orange and black ribbon $1
4. Black roses $1
 5. Two silver pumpkin figurines $2
6. A carvable pumpkin $1
7. Green packing shreds $1
8. An orange garland with black bats $1

And here's how I put these items to use:

 Halloween Pumpkin Tree

Branches: found on my daily walk with my puppy $0 Mini pumpkins: 99 Cent Store $2 for 2 packages of 4 Crow: The Dollar Tree $1 Vase: Previously owned from Goodwill $4

This vase is usually the centerpiece of my coffee table so I knew I wanted to do something creative with it and have it be the focal point of my Halloween decor. Simply adding fall flowers wasn't an option so, inspired by Disneyland's pumpkin tree, I decided to create my own. However, I was not about to spend $13 on fake branches from a craft store so I simply stole some from nature. I stuffed the vase with plastic bags to help prop the branches into position (you can use beans or rice for this, I just didn't have any on hand). Then, I simply hung the mini pumpkin ornaments and added the crow just because it seemed appropriate to have a birdie on a tree and it also added some eeriness. :) Voila!
Total cost for me: $3  Total cost to recreate: $7

Halloween Apothecary Jar

Apothecary Jar: Previously owned from TJ Maxx $12.99 Ribbon: The Dollar Tree $1 Green shreds: The Dollar Tree $1 Orange Halloween garland: The Dollar Tree $1 Mini Reese’s Cups: Priceless Pumpkin: The Dollar Tree $1
This jar usually displays a sad amount of Reese’s mini peanut butter cups. To make it Halloween time appropriate, I simply needed incorporate some Halloween colors. An orange garland with black bats and green basket stuffing shreds helped me with this and to make the jar appear fuller. The orange bow, with it’s spider pattern, emphasizes that this jar is, in fact, a Halloween jar. lol Plus, bows are pretty. :P Oh, and I coupled the jar with one of the pumpkins I found for $1.
Total cost for me: $3 Total cost to recreate: $16

Bouquet of Death
Vase: Previously owned from Goodwill $2.99 Ribbon: it’s the same one I used for the apothecary jar $1 Black roses: 99 Cent store $1

This little milk vase usually sits on my desk, holding a silver crystal Christmas tree spray but... no longer… It has now been transformed into a vase that holds a bouquet of death. Muwahaha!
I came across these black roses at the 99 Cent Only store and grabbed them because they reminded me of something that would be inside of Disneyland’s the Haunted Mansion. The milk vase seemed like a good home for them due to the contrasting colors. The same ribbon that I used for my apothecary jar was used to up the cute factor.
Total project cost: $1 Cost to recreate: $5

Dining Table Centerpiece

Candlesticks: Marshall’s $12 each Pumpkin: Walmart  $1.13  Sparkly pumpkins: 99 Cent Only $1 each Charger plate: Target $2 Cobweb: Dollar Tree $1

I found these candlesticks at Marshall’s about a year ago and they’ve been my dinning table’s centerpiece ever since. I didn’t want to clutter my dinning table with too many decorations so I simply added a bow to the center candlestick since I clearly hadn’t done that enough already. Honestly, I’m glad I ran out of ribbon at this point. Lol My silver charger plate that I got at Target was used to hold these three little pumpkins directly in front of the candlesticks to compliment the silver and orange colors. Add some cobwebs for immediate creepiness.

Total project cost for me: $3 Cost to recreate: $42.13

This is definitely the most expensive project to recreate but you can always find some candlesticks at your local thrift store and then just spray paint if you want to lower the cost even more.

Now, put it all together and you get...

Please excuse my husband's arm and laptop

A Halloweentastic place! Yay!

So what did we learn? Disney is a marketing genius and clearly has a sick hold over me? Yes. Also, make use of what you already own. Look around and see how you can embellish focal points in your home. It might be as simple as just tying an orange ribbon around something to make it stylish. Small elements help create an ambience. You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of $15 glittery pumpkins to decorate stylishly as most retailers make you believe. Be creative and check out the cheapy stores first. 

How have you decorated for Halloween?

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