Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Disney's Pocahontas DIY Costume

What you'll need: 1) A tan dress. I got this one from Forever 21 for $9.80 a few days ago so it should still be in stores.    2) A yard of faux suede fabric. The one I got is from Joann's. They were having a 50% off sale so I got a yard of fabric for $4! Holla!   3) A brown piece of ribbon.    4) Scissors    5) Double sided fabric tape. I originally had gotten a cheap one from Joann's but it didn't work very well. The one that worked great is from Target by Lingerie Solutions (Dress Tape with Dispenser). I suggest you use that one.   6) Chalk or a white pastel

Start by turning the dress inside out. Then, try the dress on and draw on the new neckline of your off the shoulder dress. Since this is a scoop neck, I started the line in the middle and then went to the armpit seam at a slight angle so I wouldn't accidentally cut the neckline too low. You don't want to give the world a fun little show. lol 

Try to have the line meet where the armpit seam is so the dress doesn't become too big for you.

Next, cut along the shoulder seam of the left side of the dress. This will be your one "sleeve."

Now, cut along the white line you drew on.

Lay out your suede fabric and draw a line about 3.5 inches to 4 inches below the edge of the fabric. Cut along this line to make a strip.

Now, just start cutting the strip of fabric vertically to create the fringe for the dress. I just eyeballed the width of these little strips. They don't have to be perfectly even. Cut straight up, but be mindful to leave an inch to a half inch uncut towards the top. 

Back to the dress... Try the dress on again and demarcate where you'd like to locate the fringe so you know where it'll fall on your body. I just made three little dots and then connected that line.

My puppy decided to join in on the fun and was helping me craft. lol
Now, follow the line you drew for the fringe with your double sided fabric tape.

Simply tape on the fringe to the dress and cut off the excess. For the back of the dress, I just tried to follow the same angle as the front of the dress and taped the fringe on the same way.

Draw a "V" shaped line and place the tape along that line. Then add the fringe. Do the same thing to the back of the dress.

You're essentially done after this, but I felt like my dress needed more fringe along the bodice so added another layer of fringe right below the original one.


Simply tie the brown ribbon around your waist for the belt. 

To complete the costume, I used a turquoise necklace I already had from Forever 21 and this   leave necklace I got for $2.80 there too and tied the leave pendant to the turquoise necklace.

For the arm tattoo, I simply used red and yellow food coloring. This worked really well and didn't rub off at all.

I wore this out to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland.
Here are some pictures of the dress on. They're not the best quality because it was dark, but at least you'll get an idea of how it looks on. 

P.S. I had enough of the suede fabric left over to use as a shawl that night. :)

Yay! Happy Halloween everyone! Let me know if you recreate this look or contact me if you have any questions at!


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    1. Thank you! Hope this inspires you. :)

  2. Great costume! In going to go out and try it this Halloween. What shoes did you pair with this?

  3. Is this something your selling ?? Could really be nice!